LDNIO Sc3604 Power Socket With 6 USB Port (Auto Max 5V 3.4A 17W) 3 Power Outlets

  • 4.5 inch HD Screen
  • Android 4.4 KitKat OS
  • 1.4 GHz Quad Core™ Processor
  • 20 MP front Camera

4,500.00 5,500.00

Smart Charging Technology
Automatic identification device and matching charging current intelligently high compatibility can be used for charging for smart phone ,tablet, digital camera and etc.It can allocate appropriate amount of power to device of different capacities.

Universal Charging Station
Contain 3 universal outlet and 6 (MAX 3.4A)USB ports and optinal plug.

-US plug can be used in US, Canada, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, EI Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and so on.

-EU plug is suitable for European Union nations, South Korea, Russia, Algeria, Afghanistan, Argentina, Egypt and United Arab Emirates and more.

-UK plug is for United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives and Qatar etc.

Protection equipment
Set with Surge Protector which can be fully protect your devices to against the damage for a sudden power outage and electrical surges.

All of LDNIO products have gone through very strict tests like aging, plug/pull, over current/voltage etc, the durability and quality are way above market’s average level, and one more thing we always proud of ourselves is that we never lie regarding the technical data.

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Pin Type:Universal(EU/US/UK)
Rated Power: 2500W 10A
Voltage : 100-240V
Cord Length: 2.0 Meter
Product size:16.2*9.7*3.8cm
Packing size:21.2*18*6cm
Package included:1*LDNIO SC3604 Power socket

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